Lisa Weston is the child Monitor, providing safe professional court ordered child visitation supervision for non-custodial parents. I want to help children maintain a relationship with both parents. I want all visits to be stress-free without worry.


Lisa is a college graduate with 21 years of experience in teaching education and experience in counseling children.  In addition, she has 15 years of experience working in the Mental Health field. She has worked many years as a caregiver and currently her mother, who is 94 years old, is under Lisa's care and is truly blessed.


- Lisa loves kids and always feels they should have the very best in growing up.


- Kids are a blessing to both parents and are our adults of tomorrow and should always have a fair chance for a strong foundation when they are children.


- She has served as caregiver for many family members and friends.


- She takes everything to heart. When she says she will be there, she will. Her word is her bond.


- Her maturity and life experience with her strong faith and belief will help you feel comfortable putting your children in her care.


- Lisa has high integrity and trustworthiness and takes pride in honesty always and will stand by what she says.


- She helps single mothers with their children by taking them away and babysitting at times.


- Lisa has a niece that she visits and helps frequently.


- Lisa has a desire to help children and their parents connect.


Lisa is a trained professional supervised child visititation provider offering off-site supervised monitored visitations and exchange only services under California rules of Court, Standard 5.20